South Boston Real Estate

South Boston, Southie to the locals, has seen a recent revival. With its miles of beaches and close vicinity to Downtown, it is no wonder locals are rediscovering South Boston as an up-and-coming community. Known for its triple-decker row houses and single family homes, South Boston boasts dozens of Irish pubs and taverns. It is also the sight of many new luxury condominiums and loft developments. 
South Boston is a neighborhood booming with redevelopment. The most noticeable changes are taking place in the Seaport District, where the Fort Point Channel complex is already underway. The complex will contain luxury condominiums, new parks, stylish restaurants and easy access to Downtown Boston.

South Boston, known to the locals as "Southie", has really picked up in recent years. Close to Downtown there are miles upon miles of beach, which plays a big part in why the area is now considered to be very much an up and coming neighborhood. Huge, three story homes are the norm here, as are the famous South Boston Irish pubs and taverns, and recently so is the construction of many new luxury condos and loft developments. With the redevelopment, South Boston is reinventing itself, and truly thriving with progress. One of the most impressive changes happening here is Seaport District, where a new complex, the Fort Point Channel, is currently under construction; it will contain luxury condominiums, green parks, trendy restaurants and easy, fast access to Downtown Boston.