Beacon Hill Real Estate Information

A quaint little town with cobblestone streets and picturesque brick homes, Beacon Hill is a hidden jewel when it comes to neighborhoods in Boston. It is both one of the tiniest and also most historic neighborhoods and is certainly a very sought after area. The community here is very close knit, which makes for a very warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, especially younger families, while the Boston Common and The Boston Public Garden are wonderful places for children to play. Tucked around the State House and only a stones throw away from Massachusetts General Hospital, Beacon Hill attracts many professionals, including lawmakers and those in various different medical professions.

If you venture down Charles Street, the main thoroughfare in Beacon Hill, you will might be able to see local resident Senator John Kerry as he shops at local boutiques and buys his fruit and vegetables at the Dean and DeLuca Market. You can even pay a visit to the State House after enjoying a fine lunch at one of several outdoor cafes, or perhaps have a run alongside the Charles River. The locals of Beacon Hill are among the luckiest in all of Boston.